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Together instead of alone

Our dormitory is situated in the north-eastern part of Graz, in a district called Mariatrost.  A beautiful sunny and quiet location on the edge of the forest of Leechwald. Furthermore the dormitory has a good connection to public transport like trams, buses and bicycle paths. Therefore the centre of the city and the universities in Graz are easy to reach.

The dorm has 101 rooms and 8 small apartments. We offer students from all over Austria and approximately 20 different nations year-round student housing. The main aim of our work is to offer high quality of living, the promotion of interpersonal communication, a relaxed atmosphere, and good companionship.


common room in 7-person suite


Currently the hall of residence has over 98 single rooms in 7-person suites, 3 single rooms in our off-site location as well as 8 double-occupancy flats. The rooms are fully furnished and naturally all of the common rooms can be used round the clock.

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Team Johannes-Kepler-Haus

About us

We are pleased to be able to offer a second home to students from all over the world! Our team is happy to support you in all matters and is there to offer you support and advice. You can call, write or simply stop by our office on the ground floor any time.

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Christmas market products


Mittlerweile sind die jährlichen Kennenlernausflüge, Grillabende, Konzerte und Weihnachtsmärkte schon zur Tradition geworden. Hier haben wir Impressionen von diesen Veranstaltungen gesammelt und freuen uns, sogar mit einigen Videos die Atmosphäre einfangen zu können.

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What we offer

  • familiar atmoshpere in shared flats 1. Familiar Atmosphere
  • roof terrace 2. Quiet Surroundings
  • single room 2 in 3-person suite 3. Complete Furnishings
  • individual room design 4. Individual Design
  • study room 5. Modern Spaces
  • 6. Optimal Location
  • no hidden costs 7. No Hidden Costs
  • music practice room 8. Soundproof Music Room
  • introduction excursion 9. Group Activities
  • parking area 10. Valuable Extras
  • Friends from Around the World 11. Friends from Around the World
  • Team Johannes-Kepler-Haus 12. Assistance with All Questions


News im Sommersemester 2019

News: Breakfast for all students

On March 17 from 10 am we invite all students living in the JKH dorm to a big group breakfast in the entrance hall. Please sign up for the breakfast latest on March 15th in the office. There is everything that your heart desires: salmon, prosciutto, egg dishes, cheese, ham, jam coffee, tea and much more. Like every year, the breakfast takes place in the foyer in the ground floor.

Breakfast 2019 Invitation

Let's go hiking together!

On Sunday, March 31 at 12 clock (noon) we start. Let's explore the  surroundings of the dormitory and walk into the beautiful Rettenbachklamm.

Meeting point: In front of the dormitory!

Do not forget: comfortable shoes, enough water and a good mood !!

Bicycle repairing days! 

Make your bicycle fit for the spring and “great again”!!

On March 12 between 10 and 13 o'clock Pro mente Steiermark will come and May 13 and 20 between 09 and 13 o'clock BICYCLE Graz will come to the dorm. On these days you can get your bike repaired cheap and fast!!!!! (Brakes, tires, chain etc.)

Please register at the office at least one day before the appointments!!

Our give-away-table!

Please remember, if you have clothes (scarves, jewelry, make-up, bags, books, plates….etc) that you no longer need and may want to give away, just put them on our give-away-table in the foyer (right side entrance). Others students will be happy about it!!!!

For the sake of our environment: Repair, give away and exchange instead of throwing away!!!

Lage & Anfahrt

Das Johannes-Kepler Haus befindet sich im Nordosten von Graz im Bezirk Mariatrost in ruhiger und sonniger Lage am Rande des Leechwalds.

Am Rehgrund 4
8043 Graz
Zimmer Stenggstraße:
Stenggstraße 59
8043 Graz

Die nächste Straßenbahnhaltestelle (Kroisbach) der Linie 1 liegt ca. 100m vom Studentenheim entfernt.

Fahrplandetails finden Sie auf der Webseite der Holding Graz Linien.

Google Maps Standort Detail

Das umfassende Grazer Radwegenetz ( führt direkt am Heim vorbei. Außerdem befindet sich das Johannes-Kepler-Haus in der Nähe der vier Grazer Universitäten.


Internationales und Evangelisches
Studentenheim Johannes-Kepler-Haus
Am Rehgrund 4
A-8043 Graz

Büro: Montag bis Freitag 8 bis 12 Uhr
Telefon: +43(0)316/327645
Fax: +43(0)316/3276465

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