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Together instead of alone

Our dormitory is situated in the north-eastern part of Graz, in a district called Mariatrost.  A beautiful sunny and quiet location on the edge of the forest of Leechwald. Furthermore the dormitory has a good connection to public transport like trams, buses and bicycle paths. Therefore the centre of the city and the universities in Graz are easy to reach.

The dorm has 101 rooms and 8 small apartments. We offer students from all over Austria and approximately 20 different nations year-round student housing. The main aim of our work is to offer high quality of living, the promotion of interpersonal communication, a relaxed atmosphere, and good companionship.


common room in 7-person suite


Currently the hall of residence has over 98 single rooms in 7-person suites, 3 single rooms in our off-site location as well as 8 double-occupancy flats. The rooms are fully furnished and naturally all of the common rooms can be used round the clock.

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About us

We are pleased to be able to offer a second home to students from all over the world! Our team is happy to support you in all matters and is there to offer you support and advice. You can call, write or simply stop by our office on the ground floor any time.

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Christmas market products


Meanwhile, the yearly introduction excursions, barbeque, concerts and Christmas markets have become a tradition. Here we have collected impressions of these events and are pleased to have even captured the atmosphere with a few videos.

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What we offer

  • familiar atmoshpere in shared flats 1. Familiar Atmosphere
  • roof terrace 2. Quiet Surroundings
  • single room 2 in 3-person suite 3. Complete Furnishings
  • individual room design 4. Individual Design
  • study room 5. Modern Spaces
  • 6. Optimal Location
  • no hidden costs 7. No Hidden Costs
  • music practice room 8. Soundproof Music Room
  • introduction excursion 9. Group Activities
  • parking area 10. Valuable Extras
  • Friends from Around the World 11. Friends from Around the World
  • Team Johannes-Kepler-Haus 12. Assistance with All Questions


Available rooms

Avilable rooms in our dorm

We currently have available rooms from June/July 2024! 360 € / month. Bright, beautiful single rooms in large apartments with students from all over the world.

Applications for the winter semester 2024/25 are now possible!



Our dormitory is situated in the north-eastern part of Graz, in a district called Mariatrost, a beautifully sunny and quiet location on the edge of the forest of Lechwald.

Am Rehgrund 4
8043 Graz
Single Rooms Stenggstraße:
Stenggstraße 59
8043 Graz

The nearest tram-stop (Kroisbach) is about 100m from the dormitory building.

You can find everything you need to know about routes, stops, times and fares at the following website of the Holding Graz Linien.

Google Maps Location Detail

Graz has a network of cycle paths ( stretching no less than 106 kilometres all over the city. The Johannes-Kepler-Haus is directly connected to the cycle path network. The dormitory is also situated close to Graz’s universities.

Contact Us

The International Dormitory
Am Rehgrund 4
A-8043 Graz

Office hours: Mon–Fri 8–12 am
Tel.: +43(0)316/327645
Fax: +43(0)316/3276465

Association of the dormitory:
Evangelischer Verein für Studentenheime Graz

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