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Our Team

The main aim of our work as a team is the promotion of interpersonal communication, a relaxed atmosphere, and good companionship. Students from different countries with various religious beliefs have made our dormitory an intercultural meeting place. At present, we accommodate students from 20 different countries throughout the whole year.

Our Staff

Mag. Lillan Pirkl-Henriksen

Mag. Lillan Pirkl-Henriksen

The Norwegian Lillan Pirkl-Henriksen has been in charge of the international dormitory Johannes-Kepler dormitory since 1998.

“My main priority is that students feel comfortable in our dormitory. Thanks to our helpful team, the modern facilities and the green and quiet location, we are able to offer students a “new” home where they can relax in a pleasant atmosphere after their day at university. Due to the international residents, students are able to build up friendships all over the world.”

Indira Kovacevic

Indira Kovacevic

Ms Indira Kovacevic comes from Bosnia. She has been working in our dormitory since 2000. Her positive attitude and „mild strictness“ make her very popular among the students of the dorm Johannes Kepler Haus. Her precision puts a special shine on the dormitory.

“I’ve worked and enjoyed many years at the Johannes Kepler dormitory. I appreciate a lot  the familiar atmosphere, honesty and mutual respect. This is very important to me and form the basis to a positive cooperation.”

Sylvia Schubert

Sylvia Schubert

Ms Sylvia Schubert, originally from Carinthia, has been working at the international dormitory Johannes-Kepler dormitory since 2008. Thanks to her conscientiousness and attention to detail, our office with all its paperwork is always in perfect order.

“I very much enjoy the diverse tasks at the dormitory. Having an open ear for students and positively supporting the team at the Johannes-Kepler Haus is a major concern of mine. There’s always a solution!”

The board of the committee


Superintendent ret. Prof. Mag. Ernst-Christian Gerhold (Clerk), DI Fritz Schweinzer (Chairman of the board), Mag. Iris Kaps (Vice Chairwoman of the board), DI Klaus Gundl (Treasurer), DI Wilfried Kassarnig (Vice Treasurer), Aurelia Pack (Vice Clerk), DI Gottfried Zechner (honorary member of the Lutheran association for students’ halls of residence) with his wife.

Contact Us

The International Dormitory
Am Rehgrund 4
A-8043 Graz

Office hours: Mon–Fri 8–12 am
Tel.: +43(0)316/327645
Fax: +43(0)316/3276465

Association of the dormitory:
Evangelischer Verein für Studentenheime Graz

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