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About us

The main aim of our work is the promotion of interpersonal communication, a relaxed atmosphere, and good companionship. Students from different countries with various religious beliefs have made our dormitory an intercultural meeting place. At present, we accommodate students from 20 different countries throughout the whole year.


The Lutheran association for students' halls of residence started construction of the Johannes-Kepler-Haus in May 1972, it was opened in October 1974. After 30 years it was renovated and shines like new since then. In 2016, a small off-site location was acquired.

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Our Team

We are pleased to be able to offer a second home to students from all over the world! Our team is happy to support you in all matters and is there to offer you support and advice. You can call, write or simply stop by our office on the ground floor any time.

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Contact Us

The International Dormitory
Am Rehgrund 4
A-8043 Graz

Office hours: Mon–Fri 8–12 am
Tel.: +43(0)316/327645
Fax: +43(0)316/3276465

Association of the dormitory:
Evangelischer Verein für Studentenheime Graz

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