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Summer Concert 2014

Summer Concert 2014

The Sound of Johannes-Kepler-Haus – our summer concert 2014.

Musical diversity – summer concert 2014 in the international dormitory Johannes-Kepler-House – Students from the whole world gave the first concert on the roof terrace in the dormitory in Maria Trost.

You will also find a video  from the concert and from the concert preparation. Have a look at our Youtube channel: Johannes Kepler Haus Graz. Video

In the dormitory Johannes Kepler House in Kroisbach live 114 students from the hole world who are not only studying here. They also enjoy playing music together. The idea of organizing an open air summer concert came during the winter of 2014. In March a choir was formed under the leadership of Kim Jinyoung which laid the foundation stone for the first summer concert ever in the dormitory.

Young students from the dormitory (and from the whole world), including

  • Suyoung Ham, Stefan Dobrijevic, Verena Kaltenberger (violin),
  • Maria Kublashvili, Sandro Ostrovsky (vocals),
  • Bona Hur, Jo Eun Song (piano),
  • Su Je Kim (flute),
  • Magdalena Reifeltshammer (flute),
  • Ada Szepfalusi, Mathias Zechner, Florian Mussner (vocals and guitar),
  • and the choir conductress Kim Jingyoung

played and sang on Sunday the 15th June on the roof terrace of the dorm. The audience was enthusiastic about the colorful program which was organized from Lillan Pirkl-Henriksen together with the students.

„We were all very excited and curious if the audience would enjoy and like the concert. After the concert, the audience was just thrilled so next summer we will definitely organize a new concert,“ says the director of the dorm Lillan Pirkl-Henriksen. Video

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